What is Legend Surf Classic?

The Legend Surf Classic group was originated by the North-American surfer, Monty Smith, who produced and organized the first Legend event in the town of Rincón, Puerto Rico in 2014. Since then, this event has been held every year in January to promote and support the history of surfing on the island of Puerto Rico.

Monty explained, “I have been dreaming about this concept since 2012. Then I visited a surf expo in 2013 in Orlando, Florida, and here I began confirming the vision of Legend Surf Classic. In 2013, I continued networking and planning with many of the surf legends to form this event. Edwin Mauras Modesti, a professor and historian, and I wanted the younger generation to recognize the legendary surfers who were vital to building the sport of surfing into what it is today.”

There were no contests for surfer’s 50 years old or older. We wanted to recognize and promote the surfing legends of the ’60s and ’70s. In conclusion, Edwin and I collaborated to invite the surfing legends to the 1st Legend Surf Classic competition in 2014.”

This contest initially covered surfers aged 49 years to 99 years old. Each year, they invited one of the finalists from the 1968 World Contest held in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

Update on 7th Annual Legend Surf Classic


This is the 7th year of our annual event recognizing surfing heroes from around the world. The event shows special recognition for the 2nd generation surfers around Puerto Rico, surfers who put Puerto Rico on the map as a surfing capital.

These original Surfers like Tony Betencourt (VP), Jose Rodriguez (1st President of PRSF), Machuca, Edwin Santos, Omar Foglia & many more have been instrumental in building the surf culture of the island. We are inviting all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation surfers to be in Rincon to celebrate our heritage and growth.

We are calling for teams from each surfing town island-wide to sign up early this year, and this includes our USA teams as well.



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