Technology Request For Genoveva Perez Elementary School

Technology Request For Genoveva Perez Elementary School

This video presentation link,  shows Norma Valle(Director of the Genoveva Perez Elementary School) and Monty Smith(President of Legend Surf Classic), explaining how Legend Surf Classic can work with the school; reaching out to companies and sponsors that can donate computer pads(Quantity of 30).

And that’s where you come in. The benefits of having high technology Pads in our subject matters classes at schools are priceless: teaching children about the wonders of science, math, literature, history and motivating them to learn about their world is one of the best ways they can learn about themselves. This helps develop their interests, leading to future careers in engineering, biology, chemistry, and hundreds of other fields.

By helping the children at our school to be able to have them adapted to technology, you are not just helping them, but you’re also investing in the long-term future health of our community and even your company.  A healthy, well-trained workforce is the most valuable asset at any company, and by helping our children to have the technology environment they so desperately desire, you will be planting seeds for future employees loyal to your company.

By contributing you will also be receiving free advertising and positive public relations in the community.  That’s because we will post your name in our donation event recording in our social webpages, as well as on any materials produced promoting the educational program development. By contributing towards the development at our local community elementary school you can help our children immeasurably, receive free advertising and promotion for your company and feel good about it!

Would you please help? We’re planning on holding our donation activity in April of 2016 inside the school donated library and again in the beginning of the school year august.

Any amount you’re willing to donate will be greatly appreciated!

Please contact us for more information, how we can work together to give our children the best educational development possible while giving your company the exposure it deserves for helping us out.

James Monty Smith(President of Legend Surf Classic)
Sharon Leon de Aquino(Assistant of Legend Surf Classic)

Hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.


Legend Surf Classic Staff

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