View Results of 2014 – 1st Legend Surf Classic

View Results of 2014 – 1st Legend Surf Classic

The 1st Annual Legend Surf Classic was held January 18-20, 2014 in Rincón, Puerto Rico.  Below are the results:

It was a great weekend in Rincón, with an amazing group of surfers, families and friends!  Here are the results in each category:

Womens Shortboard


Claudia Cardona     1st Place

Renee Fussner         2nd Place

Womens Longboard


Jessica Ayers            1st Place

Marien Blanco          2nd Place

Angela Hayne           3rd Place

Renee Fussner         4th Place

Mens Kahuna Shortboard


Kevin Grooding          1st Place

Charlie King                2nd Place

Garry Finnigan           3rd Place

Charlie Ortiz                4th Place

Mens Grand Master Shortboard


Gamalier Jorge           1st Place

Norberto Pena             2nd Place

Joe Suarez                    3rd Place

Eduardo Santiago       4th Place

Legend Longboard


Micco Godinez            1st Place

Casey Moul                   2nd Place

Guillermo Real            3rd Place

Carlos Gaston               4th Place

Edwin Mauras              5th Place

Edwin Valencia             6th Place

Classic Legend


Monty Smith                 1st Place

Bill Rosenblatt              2nd Place

Balsa Bill                        3rd Place

Benjamin Jorge            4th Place

Mens Open Longboard


Luife Guzman               1st Place

Guali Ramirez               2nd Place

Kevin Grooding             3rd Place

Anthony Luciano          4th Place

Mens Grand Master Longboard


Luife Guzman               1st Place

Gerald Mathews           2nd Place

Roberto Ferrar              3rd Place

Evaristo Merced           4th Place

Mens Kahuna Longboard


Charlie Miranda            1st Place

Gary Finnegan               2nd Place

Kevin Gooding               3rd Place

Cesar Irrizarry                4th Place

Congratulations to all involved and see you next year!